Donna Summer Articles and Reviews

The following is not a comprehensive list, but I'd certainly like it to be. See something with DS included? Email us...



DE:Bug big interview!!!! (new!)

Dazed and Confused (new!)

Go Mag- great mag from Barcelona

XLR8R Article!!!

THE WIRE Bytes article on DS!!

Gonzo Circus - 3 page DS article / CD

Grooves - articles on DS + End!

MUZIK top 50- DS and Duran x3!!!

VICE April cover of the month, amazing review

Big Pitchfork review

CRASH- Fancy French Culture magazine!

De:bug Magazine - article

Urban Mag discusses DS @ Pukkelpop

Uzine Interview

Post Disco Crash reviews

Dagensskiva (sweedish) (new!)

Reviews of the new DS vs Ove Naxx CD/12"




Fluxs, Inc review

Staalplaat review of Fluxus, Inc. 7"

"This NeedsTo Be Your Style" International reviews:

The Wire review "This Needs To be Your Style"

De:Bug (Germany)

La Vanguardia





Coda (damn good, don't really know what it says!)


Audio Test

Blow Up



Philladelphia weekly (Fucking hysterical!)

Go Magazine (new big write up) (Spain)

Go On (Germany)

Intro (Germany)

Blow Up (Italy)

Terz (Germany)

Trax (France)

Staf (Spain)

Persona Non Grata (Germany)

Beam Me Up (Germany)

Oor (Netherlands) allegedly like Rolling Stone in NL!

Kinda Muzik (Netherlands)

ddO (France)

Kunststichting Perspektief (Germany?)

Aktivist (Poland)

Chronicart (France)

Go magazine (Spain)

Nural (Italy)

De:Bug (Germany)

Szene (Germany)

Yot (Germany)

Muzik reviews "This Needs To be Your Style"

Deathstar posts a review of This needs to be your style demo CDr on widerstand.


To All Methods Which Calculate Power reviews

Grooves reviews "To All methods..."

Urb Magazine reviews the 3 Donna Summer MP3's on the site

Vice magazine gives high marks on "To All methods.."

De:bug Magazine - review

Here's a review of To All Methods Which Calculate Power also from Doll magazine in Japan.

"To all methods" review by Nat hawks on Record Camp

Older reviews

Grooves review Broklyn Beats 7"

WRECKED review of limited edition CDR The unrelenting...

Death Afterlife" in Doll magazine from Japan.

Deathstar was kind enough to post a review of This needs to be your style demo CDr on widerstand.

C8 review by Stallio