CRD had been a "label" only in such that these CDR's had been released. But unfortunately, for the moment only, we can't burn any CDR's. So we have to take this service down for the summer, but we'll get our shit togeather by September! We promise! Maybe go to Wrecked to buy stuff... HOME

Cock Rock Disco -----CDR releases

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CRD Mega Mix!

Insane mix of all the would be CRD artists! Digitally cut up by DS for maximum effect!

Out of Print!!

10 Songs for friends

Sort of a DS primer, 5 tracks from To All Methods and This Needs, and 5 unreleased tracks. (was a tour CD)

Belligerent Super Vision

Donna's first and unreleased album! Crazy breaks ranging from baroque to bluegrass.

Death Afterlife

Concept album made up of 100% Iron Maiden samples. Heavily processed and very strangely organized sound.

Vinyl version Available from Mewe Le Disque-Brussels

The Computers

Improv trio of Dan Walsh, Ian Epps and Donna Summer. Drones, processing and Pink Floyd samples.

Out of Print!

Rock Non Rock

Crazy noise and some of the rock. It's was really early though

Donna Summer releases on other labels

The Unrelenting Songs of the 1979 Post Disco Crash

Sonig #36

The The JF/DS masterpiece! This one has fantastic distribution, so you should be able to find it almost everywhere (even some chain stores!) 43 minutes of disco, metal, and thoughtful bits. this one is really causing a fuss all over!

Donna Summer Vs Ove Naxx

Adaadat 02

Fucking amazing spilt if we don't say so ourselves! DS delivers 4 tracks of bouncy disco-prog fun, and 2 tracks of uplifting gospel, while Ove Naxx, drops the hardest of hardcore! I mean his side is fucking HARD!

This Needs To Be Your Style

Irritant #30

The breakthrough album that continued the DS phenomenon! JUST re-issued by Irritant (UK), with 12" version by Toolbox (France)to hit stores again in August!

To All Methods Which Calculate Power

Omeko 001

The album that started an international feeding frenzy!

AVAILABLE AS CDR ($8)!!!!!!! Or get the Japanese import directly from Electro-violence

Donna Summer 7"s (Various labels)
No image, Sorry

Brooklyn Beats #9

Popxplostion! "The very first 7" I had available, and much to my surprise, it was spread so far around the world! This one really surprised me!"


Mirex 7" (aka David and Iggy on Dinah)

4 tracks pressed up damn nice. One cop-show soundtrack, 1 Metal track, 1 David Bowie and Iggy Pop thing, and "Why I love Styx".

It was a small pressing, so when you see it, you best grab it up!!


Fluxus, Inc. 7"

sideA: Fluxus, Inc. - An insane breakcore meets electro-acoustics number. Really fast and bonkers, with lots of tiny parts

sideB: Awkward Song About Love - post-rock structured thing that is sort of a cover song. It's fucking long too @ 7 minutes! Also kind of features the acoustic guitar of David Grubbs from Gastr Del Sol!!!

Donna Summer 12"s (various labels)

The Irregular -12" Sonig

"These 5 songs were all at some point all included on the "... Post Disco Crash" album, but seemed to work really well together on their own. These songs were all created about the same time, so maybe they are related like brothers and sisters, different and individual, but still blood "

Death Afterlife

Concept album made up of 100% Iron Maiden samples. Mostly processed sounds, and very strangely organized sound.

Vinyl version Available from Mewe Le Disque-Brussels