"To All Methods Which Calculate Power"

Donna Summer

Omeko 001, Japan

At long last, "To All Methods Which Calculate Power" is here!

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Toolbox records, mDos, or Electro-Violence !

While this album continues to develop my interest in contextual and genre shifts, it also moves quite rapidly through many different song structures and musical developments. It's intended to be more of an album than a collection of songs, because I listen to a lot of rock albums and strive for that sort of "album experience". I also play around with some recognizable Pop tunes, like Joe Jackson's "Stepping Out", and if you really listen you can hear "I am the Walrus" in there somewhere...

1. Antonio Sant'Elia

2. Dreammaker

3. Lyndon Expansion (for Dance Teams)

4. Stepping the Fuck Out!

5. Walrus Variation

6. Spiral Architect

7. TV Star

8. Hawkwind

9. Ozzy data forum

10. WASP

11. Hawkwind-reprise

12. Paintball Commando

13. I lost My heart to a Blonde Redhead Trooper / pile driver / heavy metal record store