Which brings us up to today. Yes, it has happened again. The world is not ready, nor will it ever be, but yet here it is -here HE is- may I introduce to you once again, the incredible, the dynamic, the thrilling - DURAN DURAN DURAN!

Over Hard hits stores now and will be available very soon on mp3 sites everywhere! Over Hard sees our LORD in RAVE bringing us 11 of the most rocking tunes you're likely to find. Full of Bass and heaving with innovation, it's the record you need in your life- now more than ever! Here's 2 tracks for you to rip and share with your friends, and over on the page for the album we have mp3's for 5 more tracks!

Duran Duran Duran - Bass Racist.mp3

Duran Duran Duran - Basement Tape.mp3


Ok, so at this point it's not like a shock that I've been lame at updating the news section. Dunno why, but updating the HTML has been a pain. It's not really - but I guess just posting news bits up on the forum is waaaay easier. Well, anyway, Here's a recap of the past 2 years on CRD and I fucking hope I don't forget anything.


In June of 2009 we release what I feel is one of our best and certainly most bold releases to date. Nero's Day At Disneyland is from San Fran, but by know you should all know his stuff, because he's amazing and completely, utterly unique. Pretty rare stuff these days.

DJ Rainbow Ejaculation 12"

We again teamed up with our friends over in Bristol at Death$ucker to present you with what we feel is the "most gay record in history". It's by Dj Rainbow Ejaculation, it's incredible, very, very fun, super bouncy and here's his website.

Cock Rock Disco Free Releases

But mainly for the past 2 years we've been focusing on the free music aspect of the website, and thanks to so very many of you- it's been a GREAT SUCCESS! Each of the free releases here on CRD get between 5,000 - 10,000 downloads, and that's sooo much more than we expected! We like to think it's because we have a very high standard for what we release and we're very proud of each and every one of them.

Honestly, there's just sooo much brilliant music on these releases you should go download as many as possible. Be it the bouncy Tween-fun from Sickboy or the future-rave from Herv, to the Break/surf insanity that is Retrigger or the industrial rumble of Fragment King. We have some releases that are darker and some releases that are lighter and we promise they are all great! Please tell your friends and share the luv!

And last but most assuredly not least, we did a compilation for iTunes, but they sort of fucked us over, so I just put the whole thing up @ 320. The website says it's lower res, but it's not. (wink!) Anyway, we did a tour with Otto, Duran x3, Nero and myself (DJDS) and it was really awesome. If you came out to the show I hope you had fun, because we all did.

That about catches us up, So GO DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING! I'll try to be better at this news thing. Sorry bout that again...



Otto von Schirach - Oozing Bass Spasms - CD/mp3

That's right! it's finally out! There you go! More Break-Booty-Electro-Horror-Porn than you can handle!Seriously his best work to date, super kicking awesomeness. Here, grab these tracks and check for yourself:

Otto von Schirach - Romance In the Club (320):

Otto Von Schirach- Gelatin Fixation (Dj Donna Summer Tittymix).mp3 (320)

Ok, that one's on the Ep, but fuck it, you deserve it!

Available At iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Emusic, Bleep, WarpMart, and probably loads of other online retailers. Shoudl be in many shops about now too!


That shit's in our FREE RELEASES! You know we only put out qucility round thee parts, and this is IN-deed fucking QUALITY! Go grab the whole thing...


Man, time's really flying...

It's Mastered FAT!
Sounds Good!
and will help to get you girls (It's a proven fact!)

A2- Peepers
B1- Wonder Years
B2- Party People

Dj Rainbow Ejaculation is GETTING PRESSED NOW! (about fucking time, eh?) It'll be released with our partners @ Death$ucker and should be out by mid-late June! Whoop!

And next up?

We welcome OTTO VON SCHIRACH to CRD!!! This Special edition club friendly Ep shoudl be out and bout really damn soon. 3 Tracks, remixes by Otto, Duran Duran Duran and Dj Donna Summer...




Panther Tracks is out March 24th, and will be blowing up EVERYWHERE! Be prepared! Advance word on it is quite good!

After that, in May, the world will be bitch-slapped by Otto Von Shirach's new album! Get ready for some Zombie-Dancefloor shit peeps! Sounds are impressive, hardcore and fucking hilarious.

After that it's Food For Animals! The DC based trio just got a write up for their awesome album, Belly, in Pitchfork yesterday! Check it:


DJ Rainbow Ejaculation, The Assdroids, Patric Catani, and Nero's Day At Disneyland all to come soon!!


DJ DONNA SUMMER- Panther Tracks vol.1 12"


We're doing some redesigning, and getting ready a bunch of new free Mp3 albums now! A full release schedule for 2008 including the final long-awaited release of Dj Donna Summer's Panther Tracks (CD/12"/Mp3), The Assdroids "Mothers Day"(CD/Mp3), DJ Rainbow Ejaculation (12"/Mp3) and Food For Animals "Belly"!!! (CD/Mp3)! More work on CRDTV, and a new Podcast! WOW!

Stay tuned!


GLOWSTYX- Class of 1992 In stores NOW!!!! This old-school rocker should be smackin you upside the face SOON! Def don't sleep on this one, it's like all your memories of the Prodigy when you took E the first time- BUT BETTER!!!!

Glowstyx-Bunny.mp3 --- Check it out !!!

And we know you won't be satiated by just a little bit of rave- we know you want MORE RAVE- then check the awesome 92-94 OldSchool Jungle Mix by Dev/Null!!!

What's next?

Dj Donna Summer, Panther Tracks 12" #1!!!!

Will be in stores before Xmas, definitely get this hot-ass slab of hot-ass wax!!! It's nice, heavy viny and mastered loud to sound FAT AS HELL! This is the first part of "Panther Tracks", which will be available everywhere in early 2008 on CD/MP3. Check out the first track here:

DJ Donna Summer-Rock Rock Rock.mp3 (320Mp3!)

Also, 2008 is gonna be a HUGE year for us, perhaps the biggest we've had yet. Here's a peek at the release schedule:

- Glowstyx- Class of 1992 ----OUT NOWISH
- DJ Donna Summer- Panther Tracks #1 12" out end of Nov.
- DJ Donna Summer- Panther Tracks CD and #2 12" out Early Feb
- Food For Animals- CD Belly Out very beginning of 2008
- DJ Rainbow Ejaculation- Early 2008
- V.I.P. - 12" out early next year (Collab with Deathsucker)
- Dev/NUll 12" out early next year (Collab with Deathsucker)
- Assdroids - Mothers Day - Out early Spring
- Nero's Day at Disneyland - Early next year
- Otto Von Shirach- Spine Serpents from Sperm Island- Next Spring!!!!


GLOWSTYX - "Class of 1992" (NOW!)

Produced by rave-master Jason Köhnen, (AKA Bong-Ra), Glowstyx gives you good-ol’ breakbeat Rave just like you remembered it, but somehow slightly updated and ready for the dance floor! Over 3 years in the making and meticulously constructed from an archive of over 4 gigabyte of old-school rave nostalgia, Glowstyx successfully manages to deliver 12 tracks that seemingly are warped here from over more than a decade ago. The old-school Rave revival is here, and let’s all drop some E to celebrate it!

And HOT on it's heels:

DJ Donna Summer - "Panther Tracks" (early 2008!)

Yes, it's been 4 years since the world has seen "Donna Summer" but now he is BACK! "Panther Tracks" is the new Dj Donna Summer full-length packed to the rim with slammin dance tracks ranging from Gabber-breakcore to Baltimore Booty! There's 1. the first track from the record availabel for download, 2. a few funny extra remixes, and 3. a new 1-hou jumpstyle mix all available at his NEW myspace page: www.myspace.com/djdonnasummer

Oh, and want to see VIDEOS for both????

Our new Youtube Tv station! 37 videos (and counting) or all the best shit we could find on Youtube! WOW! So Exciting!

Also stay tuned for way more new free Mp3 albums coming your way, the amazing Food For Animals and Assdroids LP's and that's all THIS YEAR! WOW! More news soon too!



Drumcorps recieves the AWARD OF DISTINCTION at this year's ARS Elctronica! DUUUDE! This is really the big one! WOW! Check it:

We're extatic over here about it, and it's damn good timing, as:

Grist 12" OUT NOW!!! It's the other 1/2 of the Grist LP on 12" and we can tell you the vinyl is cut loud and proud! Made in collaboration with out buddies over at Ad NoiseamGo grab it up!

Speaking of FINALLY OUT NOW:

That's right, we teamed up with our friends over at Death$ucker to finally release the ravecore that will heat-up your favorite party! PISSTANK!!! You can get the 12" dirctly from D.Swat- Death$ucker's mail order, or just check your shops!



There's an insane new video that mashes up ALL the tracks from last year's Free compilation!

Here in Low-res:
And here in High-res:

But what's more, the boys who made it at the-landjugend, say:
"our video is going to be played at the Oberhausen Filmfest! the festival is in the video and film world a big thing. after the 3. April, the festival start the online-voting contest for all nominated videos, they do it together with the intro-mag."



OK! Tons of news!

First up there's a new section on the CRD site which will feature all our free releases! And with this new section, and hot-on the heels of the Dj Donna Summer release is the world debut by Don Augusto!!! His album, "Fun, Love, and Computers", has been finished for years, but here it is, free and ready for you to download NOW!

We're proud to say that both Drumcorps and About killed their SXSW parties! Thanks for coming out to the shows!

Speaking of Drumcorps, you say you want the second vinyl for Grist? Shit yes, it's coming in the next weeks! (We'll let you know when we get it back.) It has the remaining tracks from "Grist" left off his first Ep, and will be released with our buddies at Ad Noiseam. Also there's new links for more live video and pictures from his recient shows on his artist pages.

Speaking of About, our friends over at Daytrotter recorded a session with them. You can find it here, and it features a hand-full of live recorded Mp3s for you to grab!

You want more? No problem, What about some Pisstank for you? That's right, we've teamed up with our friends at Death$ucker to finally get you those almightly Pisstank tracks! It's an all-killer no-filler 3 track 12", with the track from last years free mp3 comp, "Punching" and 2 more awesome tracks "Fucked" and "Bassbins". Hell yes!

Up after this will be the brilliant debut Lp by Food For Animals "Belly", the brilliant debut LP by The Assdroids "Mothers Day", and the 12" from Dj Rainbow Ejaculation! 2 new free download releases, one by Vorpal (et.al.), and the 2007 FREE MP3 CompilationWOW!

Lastly, there's a bunch of touring by our folks in the next months, Food For Animals , Terminal 11, and the ever continuing barage of shows from About and Drumcorps all at the gigs page.



DEV/NULL is here! Hurray! It's on sale in the webshop and you can probably order it through Ant-Zen NOW!

There's some reviews coming in now, and they all agree- This release is AWESOME!


Well, there's this:

You want to get down and dance and loose controll? Well here's the mix to do it!


Holy shit! Happy new years everyone!

Sorry to all for our spotty news and info for the past 2 months. Yep, it was inevitable, Jason had a hardrive crash. Almost everything was backed up, so that's ok. But yeah, we've been a bit hard-pressed to get you the news. So here it is!

That's right. After almost 4 years of delay, remake, remaster and redesign, it's here. God dammit, it's fiinally done! The Cd is at the plant now, and we should have it for Wasted on the 26 & 27th of January! We'll have it for world-wide release late Feb- early May, and online way before that!

Also, we're hard at work to deliver to you- yes all of you- the next CRD free mp3 compilation! Expect tracks from all your favorites, and a few new artists too!

More stuff is in the works too, but that's enough for now! AH!


CMJ: COMPLETED! Somehow Pitchfork got wind of us. Check it! Thanks a ton to those who braved the wild depths of the Pussycat Lounge. It was memorable to say the least! Photos probably will pop up on the forum soon! Mega thanks to our friends at Load records, we had a blast, and despite the chaos, we had a bunch of fun!

"Grist", the debut release by Drumcorps is out in stores, selling fast, and racking up some of the best reviews we've ever seen! There's some preview tracks to check out on the album page; and of course, you can always buy the whole damn thing now from the online shop!

White Cock 1-4 CD is out there, in stores and forcing ladies to bump and grind now! If you are a store and want either of these releases, and for some reason can't order them: Please email us!


Get the fuck ready:

CRD vs. LOAD records---CMJ festival--- NOV 2nd!!!!!! PUSSYCAT LOUNGE!!! NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lineup: Load:Wizardzz, Pleasurehorse, Fat Worm Of Error, White Mice CRD: Drumcorps, The Assdroids, About, Dev/Null, Duran Duran Duran DJ's- Donna Summer, Ben Dover




Yes, we teamed up with our friends over at Ad Nosieam to release to you the debut full length by Drumcorps! It's wikkid awesome, and even the BBC are digging it! Totally intense, totally emotional.

WHITE COCK 1-4 CD Compilation! -Crock012

Yes, it's the first compilation of the first 4 totally insane party-rave-get insane records we've made, and also our first compilation CD! It fucking kicks ass, and you should get it, and you should use it at your parties, as that's what is is made for. It includes the all-rave scratch samples too! features Bong Ra, Sickboy, Knifehandchop Duranx3, Dev/Null, Xanopticon, The Assdroids, Warst, Terminal 11, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation, and Jason Forrest. WOW!

They will both be up on the CRD shop, but we have a little tech problem to sort out first. Sorry for the delay! But in stores everywhere NOWish!!!

There's a bunch of new vinyl coming- including Pisstank- But NO, it's not been released yet! We'll let you know ASAP!

Speaking of awesome- The Assdroids are on a massive USA tour now! Go check the schedule- and if you want them to play your local town- just email us! It's probably possible they will do it!

Also, Jason Forrest has a new band. Yes, you heard right, a band. And they are actually on tour in the USA right now too! Check the dates! They will play the opening party at CMJ on halloween, so you had better dress up funny, and kick-ass! After the CRD show- there's a few CRD dates around the east coast, most notable is a show at "The Killing Center"- the moniker for our pal Machine's basement in new Brunswick, NJ. Why is this so special? Because most of us 2nd generation USA breakcore artists (Duranx3, Dev/Null, Xanopticon, Enduser, etc) met there, and its a "basement" of the VERY HIGHEST caliber. No, seriously. It will be absolutely awesome.

Last but not least! FREE SHIT!


8 tracks by CRD peeps, and many, many of them unreleased! GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!


Wow, august was just a blur! Big thanks to all our friends in Japan who came out to the JF and Drumcorps tour!

OK, Now it's september, and we're ready to kick ass. First:

Sept 9th- Norway-Numusic Fest. Duranx3, Next Life, and a kick-ass Donna Summer Dj set of insane japanese trancecore set! Also our friends Knife Hand Chop and Drop The Lime are there too! so its awesome.

Sept 17th- Jason Forrest Band world debut! With Special gust and collaborator, Gustav! Ballhaus Naunynstrasse 9pm! Naunynstrasse 27, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Sept 23rd- Wasted 3. The Hague. Holy shit. Get there early!

Sept 30th- CRD and Ad Noiseam party in Berlin- Drumcorps, Slepcy, Cdatakill, Mothboy, Antigen Shift, Ad Noisem Dj set, Donna Summer Japanese trancecore set! BASTARD, Kastanienallee 7-9 Berlin

Ok, So now that's said. Drumcorps debut album is very, very close to release-we're hoping to have it by the berlin party on the 30th- called GRIST! Yes, its super amazing! What, you haven't grabbed the Ep yet on Mp3 or 12"?

The unbelievably great White Cock Cd is also approaching release, I think it'll be ready by october earlyish. After that we have full albums by The Assdroids "Mothers Day", Dev/Null "Lazer Thrash" and finally the follow-up everyone is ready for by Duran Duran Duran. Hurray! On the vinyl front, we're close with Pisstank, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation, and White Cock #4 and Maddest Chick'NDom #2, Double Hurray!

OK, if that weren't all enough:

Cock Rock Disco and LOAD records will team up to make a collaborative CMJ party in NYC on Nov 2nd!

CRD was named among the top 25 indy labels in the world by XLR8R mag!

CRD will be featured as label of the month in Dazed and Confused either now or next month!

Jason F himself is on the COVER of fancy french art mag ART PRESS!


The Assdroids, Drumcorps, and the JF band all getting ready to tour in the USA. Last minute shows being set up still- email us: CockRockDisco@gmail.com


Jason Forrest has assembled a band for recording and performing! At the moment it's just called; "The Jason Forrest Band", and while we know this sounds lame, we all are too busy to think up something better- but you never know. The band will begin it's real live adventures starting on Sept 17th, at a special show in Berlin with special guest Austrian singer Gustav. Then the band will do a USA tour in October and early November, ending at CMJ fest in NYC. More news on the tour ASAP!

As for more on the new band- it's a power rock trio, Ethan on guitar, Liz on keys, and Jason on Laptop and - get ready- vocals. Yes, you're going to be VERY surprised. Jason is writing the music and continues down the musical path he's established with his past 2 releases on Sonig- "Shamelessly Exciting" and "...Post Disco Crash" - with the new music being a bit more prog/hiphop/rock sounding. That's actually a bad description, but it's pretty different than anything we can figure, but we guarantee you it realllllly rocks! Anyway, they are busy making a demo now. It's possible that a Mp3 will be available in the near future!


There it is. Drumcorps- "Live and Regret" 4 track EP of otherworldly Grind/breakcore like nobody has ever made! There's lots of news- but you'd know it if you subscribed to our mailing list- which also has FREE SHIT in evey mailing!

Click that to subscribe, yo.


All available now in the webshop!!!

New newsletter/free Mp3's going out this week.. BETTER SUBSCRIBE TO GET THEM!


So, the word on the street is that if you love free MP3's (and who doesn't?) Then you really really really should subscribe to our Newsletter/Mailing list immediately! There might be a new free compilation that's emailed to you if you do! And if you say, "fuck it, they are lying." Then no body is gonna care when you don't get any new music. So there.


Our boy About in SPEX! A fancy whole 1-pager thing! COOL!

click that to see the article (in german)

Also, We are proud to announce there will be 2 different Cock Rock Disco showcases being held in europe in the next months: ON August 8th at recyclart, in Brussels, Belgium: About, Drumcorps, Duran x3, JF and DJ Ai

On September 9th at Numusic in Stavanger Norway:Audiogarde, Nextlife, Duranx3 and JF

We swear they will be be AWESOME! Don't worry North America, there's lots of plans coming at you for the fall for plenty of CRD action!

It looks like Drumcorps and JF Will also be headed to Japan for a tour in August, check the gigs page for details.

Lastly, the new White Cock 1-4 compilation CD is finished and being made now- expect to see it everywhere at a low price and hear it at maximum volume all over the place!


We just realized that Jason Forrest uploaded what he says is "I think my best track I've made, from the B-side of the Lady Fantasy Ep". Yes, its also available at the webshop to buy, buy why buy it when you can get it free, right? Anyway, it's called Fauvist-Respoke.

Many, many CRD shows popping up around the globe, def check the Gigs list, eh?


Have you joined our new email list? No? Why not? You never know, there might be FREE stuff just waiting to be emailed out to all you special people! Why chance it? Plus, we're ready to send out the first- and epic- newsletter regarding all our artists, plans, hopes and dreams... so get on it!

The Almighty new Slepcy Cd/12" "We Are The New Battle Models" are slowly finding themselves into stores! We swear you're gonna love it. Easily the greatest record of all time! hahahaah (take that world!) No seriously, its amazing. No, really! Guaranteed to set you apart from your friends as a person "In the know". What? Its already in the CRD webshop? HELL YES!

Maddest Chick'N Dom #1 12" is also available! YES! This is also out there in stores, so start looking for it now! We think this one is also a timeless classic guaranteed to set dance floors on fire! Wow!

Drumcorps and Assdroids 12"s are at the manufacturers now! Wow, these records fucking rule too! COOL!


Download free Jason Forrest tunes at daytrotter.com


Ok, so here's the newest schedule:

May/June: Slepcy- We are the newest battle models- CD, Mp3 & 12"
May/June: Maddest Chick'N Dom #1- 12" & high quality DJ-Mp3
June/July: White Cock 1-4 CD compilation- CD
June/July: The Assdroids - Daddy's Gone- 12" & Mp3
June/July: Drumcorps- Live and Regret- 12"& high quality DJ-Mp3
July/August: Audioguarde- Popular Emotions-CD & high quality DJ-Mp3
July/August: White Cock #4- 12"
July/August: Pisstank 12" #1

The rest of the year-ish:
Drumcorps LP/CD, Assdroids LP/CD, Duran Duran Duran LP/CD, Don Augusto 12", Pisstank #2 12", DJ Rainbow Ejaculation 12", Maddest Chick'N Dom #2, Dev/Null LP/CD (?), Vorpal- Addendum 12"

We'll be reissuing tracks from Warst and DJ Chucky's label called Maddest Chick'N Dom from Osaka, Japan!! They are sort of a greatest hits from their label, and trust me, these records are super-fucking major party gabba style!! This is the first of 4...

White Cock CD Comp will have the scratch samples and all the tracks from 1-4 on it. It will be inexpensively priced and guaranteed to bring the par-tay!

What does "high quality DJ-Mp3" mean? It means that our more "party tracks" will be now encoded at 256kbps AND have Ableton Live and Traktor files included in the .zip file! Now THAT's innovation!

God, we're so busy around these parts! Almost all of us are on tour, and almost all of us WANT to tour more! So please email us if you can set up a show for anyone!

Last but not least, with all this touring we screwed up The Assdroids Ep 12", but it will be ready now in May. For some reason they will continue to do an "album release party" in Berlin about 4 weeks too early! HA! Check the gigs page to find out where you're next memorable evening will come from!!


The phenomenal first USA tour for Jason Forrest is now coming to an end, if you're in Charlottesville VA or Chapel Hill NC, then get ready to get your ass rocked off! Super-extra-amazing thanks to everyone who came out and rocked, and to those special few who got naked! YES!

But unfortunately the mind-bending tour has delayed the Slepcy release, will get it out ASAP though! Stay tuned for details! It's awesome!

But we are delighted to present you 3 new 12"/Mp3 releases in the coming months:

The Assdroids- "Daddy's Gone" - a mental thrill ride of noise, shit, and idiocy, as churned out by 2 of the most insane thrash-rockers that hell has let loose. "Its as if they have lost their minds- in the best possible way"- Thereon Moore

CRD presents "Maddest Chik'N Dom #1" - That's right, label of Warst and DJ Chucky give you 4 unbelievable rave-meltdown tracks that are guaranteed to make your party more popular than the "terror dome". Includes tracks by Warst, 2 Terror Crew, Dj Chucky, and the unbelievable debut of DJ Technorch!

White Cock #4! With another great poster for you to collect, and tracks by Dj Rainbow Ejaculation, Sickboy, the Assdroids, Jason Forrest and a mystery surprise guest!

The About album is out there in stores all over! Yes, it's wracking up amazing reviews all over, is getting some college radio airplay, BBC airplay, VPRO airplay, and is generally kicking ass! We'll get it up for you in the CRD shop as soon as JF gets back from tour! But go ask for it, you won;t be disappointed!

Drumcorps has finished his first 12" Ep for CRD, and we will just go ahead and tell you determinatively that it fucking rules. Get ready!

Duran Duran Duran is busy at work on his second Full length as well, and we'll go ahead and tell you that it fucking rules too! Get Ready!

Lastly, Vorpal has been hard at work on a 12" Ep called Addendum after his fantastic Lp out last fall, with special remixes by Moth Boy, Cardopusher, and "Mr. Forrest". That comes out as soon as possible too! Wow!




White Cock 3!!!!!! Out there now!

I posted a glimpse into our upcoming schedule on the phorum, go check it!

We're pleased as can be with the About record, it gets released in March, so start checking your shops next week. We swear its a fucking killer record, with songs that will get so stuck in your head, you'll beg for mercy! (for which you'll get none! ha!)

The Assdroids have completed their debut Ep, which should be out in April/May sometime. It's 15 tiny tracks of absolute terror! Comes out only on 12" and super-cheap Mp3.

Next Life is scoring highly with the critics and have a new website up, check their page Of course, if you don;t have their amazing Cd, check for it in shops now, or just go download the fucker.

Lastly, Jason Forrest is on the road RIGHT NOW in USA. Check the gigs section, and bring him warm food and compassion when you see him, It's 28 shows in 34 days! AH!


Oh my god, Drumcorps destroyed CTM! Check the video! He's completed his full length and we're all giggly with excitement. It's out mid-May.

Next Life is officially out there in stores, so grab it up! it's super-great. But, of course you can also grab it from our shop!

The Assdroids have completed their first Ep, and we'll release it in 12"/Mp3 formats. Look for that in April.

About release date is in March, he's celebrating it by playing a bunch of shows, including 2 shows in 1 night here in Berlin! Check the gigs section.

Slepcy have completed "We Are the Newest Battle Models", their newest LP.It will be available on Cd/12"/Mp3 in mid-April! They have a great new live set on their artists page that has a bunch of tracks form the record on it..go grab it!

And, the big news is that we've finally announced Jason Forrest's first North American Tour!! Duran Duran Duran will join for many, many shows on the tour as well like a proper 1-2 punch to the kidneys! They rock like madmen, so they will definitely need your hospitality! Bring them warm food and give them a place to sleep if they is in your town!


NEXT LIFE's amazing new album "Electronic Violence Now available for a mere $8 from our shop! Go grab it now folks! Get it 3 weeks earlier than the release date!

Word on the street is that About wiped the floor with that Noorderslag festival. Congrats guys! We know you heard the free comp, and we know you are curious to hear more of About, so we posted up another song on his page. Check it!

We're pumped to have Drumcorps and Next Life at Club Transmediale in Berlin in early Feb, you going?

Here's our third Tshirt:

That's right! All hail the mighty TARKUS! Designed by Stunt Rock. Comes in XL, L, M, S, and XS. Comes in this color blue/grey and a nice green/brown. AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Lastly, CRD has a Myspace page:




Wow, 2005 really kicked ass, but we hope that 2006 will stomp it in the dust! So here's a run down of what everyone is doing:

We're most happy to announce that Jason Forrest's "War Photographer" video has been named Res magazine's video of the year (second year in a row for "Mr.Forrest") and in the top 5 by our friends at Pitchfork! It will also be featured in MTV's new "videos on demand" channel, and hopefully on MTV2... but who knows. We DO know that it's been converted to Ipod-video format here. So if you were among the millions of new Ipod users, then go grab it for FREE!

Speaking of free, the 100% free compilation is being downloaded faster than we can keep up with it. Go make it harder for our web provider by grabbing it up now.

The Next Life and About Cd's are both complete and ready for their release dates in early Feb and Mid March respectively. We're working on White Cock #3 and #4, the Stunt Rock 12" version, and a new remix EP for Vorpal. But more news on those later.

If you're gonna be at Club Transmediale in Berlin in early Feb, then you will get the honor of seeing Drumcorps and Next Life in performance (as well s our friends Ove Naxx, Maruosa, and Do Do Do). JF will also do an opening performance with Antistrot, and will perform the same night as Next Life with his new trio, "Blindsnake", with Ignatz Schick and "Big Daddy Mugglestone" from Assdroids. We saw the lineup, and its a brilliant festival... so if you are close, then come to berlin!

But speaking of the Assdroids. They will have their debut european performance at a new venue, Club Josef, in Berlin! They are based in Berlin now (more ex-pats), so expect to see them touring like the mad men they are! Actually, email us to book them!

Oh, Next Life wants us to post this:

Next Life is once again a two piece consisting of Hai Nguyen Dinh (composer/video/light/guitar/lyrics) and Katrine Bölstad (vocal/lyrics).

So that's only 2 of the 3 rock-monsters you see on this video of them shredding!

The Don Augusto is done, Slecpy's record is developing, as is the Pisstank 12" and some other goodies too! The next T-shirt gets made THIS WEEK (subscribers, we promise to mail it to you while they are still hot!) and we're also gonna do some Zippered Hoodies, so be on the look out for them too. WHOA!~ A busy beginning to 2006!


Wow, massive news... A semi-remodeling of the CRD website and also the inclusion of all our new artists, Assdroids, Audiogarde, Drumcorps, Food For Animals, Slepcy, and Pisstank! Check out their artists pages to see how the whole scope of things are changing here at "the cock".

You have no doubt also have seen the free music page already. Yes, in a naked attempt to get you to like us, we have a FREE COMPILATION to give you and everyone on the planet. Please feel free to share the link and tell your friends! We're incredibly pleased with it as we feel its some of the very best tracks by all our artists. Also it's one hell of a deal! (free, duh)

Our man Stunt Rock has been getting delerious reviews all over the globe. But we have to say that we shocked to see it in Entertainment Weekly, and to get such a nice review!. Also check the Pitchfork review online! YEAH!

About is kicking ass all over, if you are in the Benelux area, then check him out at the NOORDERSLAG FESTIVAL, Jan 14th!

The Next Life album is made and will be released at the beginning of Feb! We'll have it online to buy before that though...

Lastly, Jason's kick arse video for War Photographer was named in the top 5 videos of the year by Pitchfork! Congrats Joel! And if you do want to have the man play in your home town in the US of A, then def send us a mail ASAP! He's almost got it booked up!


JF's Pitchfork gig is sold out! Also, the amazing War Photographer Video is nominated for the video of the year at Plug- but we need your help to give it a few votes!

About is big in Mexico- check out "WOW!"

Stunt Rock is popping up all over! Even in Entertainment Weekly!!!

Way more news soon! Get ready! AH!


We can't believe it either, but Jason Forrest will play Pitchfork's 10th anniversary New Years Eve Party! Check it!


Jason Forrest's new record Shamelessly Exciting now available for download on the CRD shop now! It contains 2 very, very special, songs in his 70s pop style that are ONLY available when you download it from here. The Lady Fantasy EP is also available for download in the shop as well and included is "Fauvist Respoke", his 12 minute prog-samba spectacular which was on the 12" only version of that release. Special thanks to Sonig for teaming up with us on this.

Next Life is delayed slightly until January, but we promise the wait will be worth it.

Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us in the netherlands and WOOD for the CRD tour this past week! We'll be doing more CRD shows all over soon. If you are interested in booking an event, send us a mail now...


Loads of updates in the gigs section. Stunt Rock is officially released everywhere, and Jason Forrest continues his bid for international media domination with more reviews, and interviews coming out all over, and White Cock 2 is almost sold out already... Whoa!


Ok, the amazing new video for the track "War Photographer" by Joel Trussel for is up now! Watch it! It's fucking GREAT!!!! "Mr. Forrest" is extremely proud of it...


Can it get any more crazy here?

Vorpal is BLOWING UP... you'll be noticing reviews everywhere, and he's got something brewing with AOL web radio now... insane...

Stunt Rock release date is Oct 17th, and will be available on 12" version too!

About just killed this festival, and his Cd will actually be pushed back to 2005, but don't worry, the album is fucking awesome.

Jason Forrest was just reviewed in Pitchfork, he is Vice's album of the month, is all over national german radio (Radio Eins), Norwegian national radio, will be featured on this Eu TV program "Tracks" on the ARTE channel (more info on air date soon), and has his track Nightclothes and Headphones featured in the "Download This" section of Entertainment Weekly! Hell why don't you go ahead and download the track yourself?

"Nightclothes and Headphones" featuring Laura Cantrell: http://www.sonig.com/main/downloads_free/Nightclothes.mp3

Why the maelstrom of hype? His damn new album:

Shamelessly Exciting is finally out next week on Sonig. He wrote all about it here. His big time record release party is in Berlin this Friday night (sept 30th), with the band Liars, Next Life, DJ Elephant Power, and one of our favorite Dj's from Paris, Dj Ai. You should REALLY go if you can. Gonna be memorable.

Oh, and the next T-shirt is done too.. will post up a pict when we get a sec.

Oh, and White Cock 3 when we get a second too...


Ok, so Jason Forrest plays 3 shows this week in NYC. If you are in NYC (for CMJ or whatever) you had better go see him and rock the fuck out!

Wed the 14th- Tonic, 9pm

Fri the 16th - Mo Pitkns- Free- 11pm

Sat the 17th - Knitting Factory, CMJ closing party- 12pm.

Wasted 2 was fantastic!!!! Picts are up here, and thanks so much to all you peeps who flew to Berlin from everywhere in the world! Holy shit! it was great. we'll def do another one soonish!

VORPAL is out now, getting amazing reviews! pick one up!

And lastly, I know you are still sore from the last one, but I am very very pleased to announce: WHITE COCK 2!!

JF- Respect The Cock (the CRD theme song!!!!) (mp3!!!)

Duran x3- "World Went Down remix"

Dev/Null- LCDNB

Warst- Mutha Fuk'n Noize Show (for the first time on vinyl!)

This one has a poster innit as well, so you know you just simply can't live without playing these tracks. We guarantee you this one fucking kicks ass. In record stores nowish...


Wasted 2 is this weekend!

We expect it to be quite crowded, so our suggestion is come early. Doors open at 10pm, music starts at 11pm and probably goes until early morning.

White Cock is out there and selling very fast, so if you see it you better grab it up immediately. If you already missed it, then you should really start looking for it now. But good news! White Cock 2 should get here NEXT WEEK! (Right in time for Wasted 2-coincidence?) It features 4 more totally fantastic tracks by Duran Duran Duran, Dev/Null, Jason Forrest (who, this time out, delivers the cock rock disco theme song!) and........ WARST! (Finally on vinyl!) It comes with another beautiful poster too. It's a party in a bag.

Vorpal cd is now out and available in stores! It's been getting great reviews all over, so you should go get that too. Hey, why not just go download it now in our shop?

The hype is rolling in on the new Jason Forrest record, expect to see him in big magazines like Blender and Entertainment Weekly in USA and Rolling Stone in germany. (Yeah, it freaks us out too.) But out now on newsstands (in the US at least) in the latest XLR8R our man JF interviews one of his heroes- Hank Shocklee, producers and co-founder of Public Enemy. Really, its a life-long dream for JF and the interview is really very good.

"Mr. Forrest" also has a feature in the new CMJ Monthly mag, and now, come to think of it, he plays 2 shows in the infamous CMJ Marathon in NYC mid-sept. Go to the gigs section for info on them and all the other fancy shit he's working on.

Doormouse comes to Europe again in early September, his gigs are listed in the gigs section too. Be sure to catch him, he's a demon onstage. Duran Duran Duran, Next Life and About will all be on tour this fall in EU, if you want the real rock, then get in touch now so we can sort it out.

Stunt Rock Cd is finished, and gets released late Sept. and we are really very excited about this album too. Get ready for more beer fueled trash rock. In our opinion this is the ultimate Stunt Rock release, slightly more mature, but not in the way you'd expect. Actually, it could really press the buttons of all you Anticon fans. Who knows. It also comes with really fancy packaging and is actually funny.

And lastly , the unbelievably great About record is done and gets released in October as well. If you like pop, rock, computers, beats, human singing, or music in general, then you will probably freak out and swear your devotion to him like teenage girls did to the Beatles.

Oh, and we're working on more shirts!


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