Finally, I got my lazy ass to post up some of the dude's tracks... Sort of an antique version of breakbeat terrorism... This is the first track form his album "An Incomplete Guide to Vorpal Music" Crock004




It's called "Sperry and Foil" and is, I guess sort of an homage to Pink Floyd... But It's also sort of Electro... shit who knows... spread it around kids, and tell your friends... We'll post some more stuff soon!

Sperry and Foil



The man from the desert who makes some of the best music on the planet has been generious enough to share some tracks from his new Cd on CRD!!! DOWNLOAD NOW AND BEGIN YOUR HERO WORSHIP!!!!!

44edit (unreleased!!)

Cestwhat (from Illegal nervious habits)



If you've downloaded his stuff before and were impressed, then download these and be staggeringly impressed!!

a miscarriage of pathos - Dev /Null

Holy Jesus, this one is a revamped older tune, and boy is it fucking great!

symphonies of suckness - Dev /Null (from his new album!)

OK!!! here it is. This is probably one of the very very best tunes I've heard being produced these days, and when I say this, I really really mean it. I mean Jesus, this song will leave you speechless for hours....


Donna Summer

Spectacle To Refute All Judgments - Donna Summer

Yes, a disco theoretical argument against Guy Deboard. Probably one of my favorite pieces; and one that always has people dancing and laughing.

Beautiful Stevie - Donna Summer

A strange one. Never really figured it out, but that's not a bad thing!



I am, like, really evil, and stuff... - Dev /Null

He IS evil, surprisingly enough.

Nitrous Induced Skull Fracture - Dev /Null

Fast as all holy fuck videogame mayhem. Dev Null rips shit up. Probably on his upcoming CRD release...


Awesome Shit MP3's :

WeddingDisco - Ove Naxx-

That's right, you've heard all about him here, he's our fucking awesome Japanese friend and now you can become addicted to his great "'cock-style"!!! This guy will blow up, so check him here first!

Bleak Prometheus- Donna Summer

What do you get when you chop up 80 guitar/drum stabs from Morbid Angel and Slayer? Why this happy little Euro-pop gem, that's what. Be sure to play this one LOUD as it's guaranteed to drive your parents, dorm mates, and girl scout troop insane.


Fucking great MP3's

Realignment- Mehmet Irdel

This guy is so fucking brilliant. PLEASE download it and give it to everyone you know!

You Only Live Once - End / Georgio Marauder

This is End's James Bond song containing no actual James Bond samples. You should start groveling before his astonishing production and compositional skills now before all you friends do! If you like Donna's tracks then you'll love this as it's 200 times better!!!

the first Mp3's posted -

Dragonattack - Donna Summer

Mr./s Summer's tribute to all that is Michael Jackson. No, err, it was supposed to be a Queen tribute. Wait, maybe it's was supposed to be a disco dance smash...

Another Love TKO - Alan Gilbert and Donna Summer

One of a series of collaborative tracks made with noted poet Alan Gilbert. Donna then introduced some very unnecessary breaks to the mix...