Lady Fantasy
So here we have 4 tracks on CD, 5 on the vinyl. Basically, I tried to consider this as a sort of mini-album. I realized after the fact that EP’s are generally just seen as PR items, not as artistic statements. But nevertheless, what you have here is a little taster of what I’ve made and what I thought should be released that told a story by itself.

“The Work Ahead Of Us” is a collaboration between David Grubbs and myself but I actually started this song about 2 years ago. This was one of those tracks that I started and never really finished, always thinking that I could somehow push it further. So then a year ago I met with David in his Brooklyn apt, and there he laid down 4 great improv tracks. So at various times since I had been working on my song, and trying- desperately- to somehow work David’s improv work into one of my tracks. Basically, my attempts were forced and just not working. Then one day I wondered if this particular guitar would fit on this particular track, and I was amazed to find that they blended so seamlessly. I could scarcely tell that David didn’t make this specifically for this track. Anyway, I then edited it all down to make it not so long.

For the title track, “Lady Fantasy”, I juxtaposed the hard and heavy prog synths with this ultra-fast “free jazz” styled drums. I’m quite pleased with it still, and feel it really is very different form anything I’ve heard. I worked on this song a lot, but for some reason, I don’t really get too drawn up in the details (as I do often with my own tracks- I think many artists do), I still find it interesting to listen too, and I am still surprised by how hard those drums are.

“The Lure Of You” is co-written with Italian singer/songwriter Margareth Kammerer. It’s her song really, we tried to record it in a few different styles, and the track “Lady Fantasy” was originally made to work with these lyrics. But that never worked, and then one day Margareth just started singing the song this way. So we recorded her guitar and then recorded her voice really quickly, then I just made everything else afterward. The tension between the folksy and the synthetic I think are really quite interesting. Anyway, Margareth Kammerer has a great CD on the Charizma label, which also is part acoustic-part digital, so you should go check it.

The EP ends with “Sperry and Foil”, a song broken up into many parts and moving into different directions, like the sprawling seventies prog epics. This one is also quite old, and then re-worked. You can hear the old version in the Mp3 section still (I think). I always thought this song really contained a musical tension that carried you along with it. I’m still sort of amazed by the sort of “mystical part” with the simple electro drum. Its so basic- but it works. I remember that I did that whole section really, really fast, and then, never really changed or added to it. It just worked.

I should add this here too:
"The track "Sperry and Foil" from JF's new EP Lady Fantasy uses samples from the amazing "NEU! 75" album. The track is homage to the great German band from the early seventies, and all three legendary NEU! albums have been re-released by groenland and are available at"

On the 12” version, is perhaps the track I am the most proud of though. “Fauvist Respoke” (yes, the title is a bit of a joke on the Mouse On Mars track) a response to the joy you find in many Fauvist paintings. This song is also another one I’ve worked on for a long time and feel it is probably one of my most advanced songs technically and artistically. It’s sort of a prog-samba with a casio beat. I had wanted it to be about double its length, but at 10 minutes, I think you get the point. Anyway, “Fauvist Respoke” is chopped up- note by note- from a few tracks from an album by a Montreal free-jazz rock group from the seventies. I took each of these notes, and then re-composed them, and re-structured them with time and tempo changes. Anyway, I’m really proud of it, and would very much urge you to check the vinyl.

But this is the EP. My new album “Shamelessly Exciting” is out on Sonig on Oct 4th everywhere. I’m extremely pleased with it, and hope you’ll like that as well… stay tuned!