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The Assdroids exist as Pisces Motherfucker on guitar/vox and Big Daddy Mugglestone on drums/vox. Together they burn the bridge between breakcore and ecstatic jazz, spilling the gap that divides the Boredoms from Merzbow. This first release demonstrates the power of bad computer intellect mixed with too much beer and lack of sex. Mix in some jarbled world music samples and Richard Pryor, and the result is something that DRAG Magazine hailed as: “Lightning Bolt teamed up with an army of computerized insects for an after-school beating of the Blood Bros.”

Pisces Motherfucker, a butcher by trade (seriously), has been involved in the Denver noise scene since 1997. He has participated in such projects as American Cancer, G.I JESUS, Adam and Eve, and Heathers Kills Models Raw. He also has three solo releases available through VALIS Records.

Big Daddy Mugglestone, hailing from Anorvalestian, Colorado, had not received notice until several people started to deride his work on the internet. He responded by releasing seven more albums none of which are available to the public. His reuniting with Pisces Motherfucker shows his contrition for what he’s done, and he will never do that again. He has amnesia, and four albums available through VALIS Records.

Everyone wants more ASSDROIDS!! So, Ok!

The Assdroids-Snakes & Ladders.mp3

The Assdroids-Breakcore Gives Me Head.mp3

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