WOW! "Think Niles Drink" video for About!!!



We know what your asking yourself: "What's About doing nowadays?"

WELL! He's now splitting his time between Berlin and Amsterdam, has just finished producing the newest album by Voicst, and has begun work on his new album! Hopefully we'll have something to share sometime before 2008! After playing so many awesome shows throughout USA and EU, he's occasionally booking shows and doing some DJ gigs too!

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Meet "About", legally registered as Rutger Hoedemaekers in the city of Amsterdam; he makes the pop musics.

His debut album, "Bongo" is fucking great. Teen girls, gay men, kittens, puppies and architects will all adore it. Really. It's poppy as hell, but in the best way possible and you'll be tortured by how the songs stick in your head- TOURTURED! Yeah, he throws down some hardish beats and insanity in there too, but in a real pop way. Damn, motherfucker is so damn Pop he makes some old school Michael Jackson seem like he's faking it.



ABOUT:Strike You As The Enemy.mp3

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