White Cock 2

Holy Shit, the first white cock, basically, began a massive freakout in "the scene". Now #2 will surely become a classic among classics. Yes, its good. It's motherfucking great, no bullshitting you here. And yes, the scratch samples this time "work", so get ready to start scratching sounds of hoovers. It comes with a purdy sticker and an even better poster than last time. Also, this one features Warst- an insane gabber DJ from Osaka, who we love... Only in record stores, so if you see it you better fucking buy it because we're only making these once.

Jason Forrest- Respect The Cock (Mp3!!)
Dev/Null - LCDNB
Warst - Mutha Fuckin Noize Show
Duran Duran Duran - The Sick Generation (End remix)
+ Scratch Samples!!