"Cock Rock Disco presents:Maddest Chik'NDom #1"
Release date: mid-May

12" and DJ-MP3 only!

Reissue projects generally start with the idea of "someone finding something where they didn't expect it". The same is true for Jason Forrest and Maddest Chik'N Dom Records from Osaka, Japan. As far as we can understand, Maddest Chik'N Dom Records is the label by Warst and DJ Chucky. They have many aliases and a whole crew of amazing producers over there, and while they are all super-amazing, they don't have so many connections in the western world. So we thought we'd help them out (as they fucking kick-ass) and release a 4-12" set throughout the year.
So here you have it, Maddestcock001, 4 storming classic tracks of hardcore / gabber / bouncy Breakcore that should set dance floors on fire.

Track Listing:
A1: 2 Terror Crew: Born Hardcore (Warstmix)
A2: DJ Technorch: Boss On Parade whole mp3 track!
B1: DJ Chucky: Is Anybody Out There sample mp3!!
B2: Warst: Ace Of Haze

Maddest Chik'N Dom records have several 12"s and CD's (as well as cool sweatshirts) available from their website too: www.hardcoreosaka.com We highly suggest ordering from them, as pretty much everything they do is awesome.

This release is a bit of an experimental EP, being released as 12" and low-cost high quality Mp3 simultaneously. What does that mean? We know that people DJ more and more with Mp3s, so now we will start releasing Mp3 downloads that INCLUDE both Ableton and Traktor marker files included with high-res 256 kbs Mp3s. Yes, it's a revolution in Mp3 sales… we know it. We are the first, but we know we won't be the last!