ABOUT- BONGO- Crock009

What the press is saying- SO FAR!

* OOR (NL) - "Only a true master knows how to mix apples and oranges; About shows you how sweet that sounds in music."
* NRC Next (NL) - "Surprising hastily designed pop songs. (4/5)"
* Q (UK) - "An exhilarating collision of electronic noise and punk programming. (3/5)"
* Gonzo Circus (BE) - "This half hour of music has me longing for alot more. Hopefully soon."
* Skug (AT) - "The only thing that's left for me to say: Friends, Applaud!"
* WOW (MEX) - "After listening to the album and speaking with him, one thing is clear: this man is made of rockstar wood."
* Fret (NL) - "The impact of the hurried pop songs catches you off-balance, both on the album and on-stage."
* Amsterdam Weekly (NL) - "A chaotic slice of greatness that could well be one of the best Dutch breakthrough albums of the year."
* Raveline (DE) - "A rather exciting thing."
* Intro (DE) - "Listening-dancefloor."
* De Groene (NL) - "At last someone in The Netherlands also counts in this mixing of styles."

Here's the first song from "Bongo" out in March:


and here's one more we chucked up here for kicks!

ABOUT:Strike You As The Enemy new!!!!