“An Incomplete guide to VORPAL Music”

Grab it now for only $8 bucks!

You will ask yourself: “What the fuck is this?”
Yep, it’s the debut release from VORPAL. A sort of rickety old wooden rollercoaster careening on a broken track of amazing fast breakbeat processing, insane noises, and held together in a sort of antique haze.

VORPAL is Andy Kozloski, From Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and we can honestly say that “An Incomplete Guide to VORPAL Music” is the greatest album ever made. It’s an explosive collection of tracks both new and ancient, creating some vague form of nostalgic neurosis. But it slams too. “An incomplete guide…” could easily find itself between abstract hip-hop like Def Jux or Anticon, as well as Squarepusher, Luke Vibert, and Otto Von Schirach. Hell one could even find a few traces of the Grime sound all the journalists are talking about. But fuck all that, just give it a listen and hear for yourself.